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My name is Raphaël Vouilloz. I come from Fully in Valais and I have been studying architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne since 2015.

I obtained the bachelor's degree in July 2018, and start the master's degree in autumn 2019 after a year of internship. I have worked for six months in the kämpfen für architektur office in Zurich, a pioneer in energy-efficient construction and wood prefabrication. Then in February 2019, I started working in Paris in the Bartolo + Contré Architects office. This recent association of two architects with extensive experience in housing projects and hospitals develops its practice in BIM.

Architecture at EPFL is structured each year around a practical studio project, to be chosen from the second year onwards. The other courses that accompany this main work may also lead to projects. This website is thus a compilation of the various architectural experiences in which I took part during my formation.

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